Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day

This week, I chose the following prompt from Mama Kat's:

5.) The perfect Mother's Day consists of...

The boys - all 4
There are things that I would like, and I can pretty much count on getting.  Those include phone calls from three of my sons, Roger, Byron and Rob; early-morning worship service at my church; and a day of general loving care from my husband and family, probably involving a meal out somewhere.  There are other things I would like, but have no chance of getting.  I would like to hear the voice of my son, Eric, who died in 2000.


I would love to hear the voice of my brother, Roger, gone since 2008.
 I would love to hear the voice of my father, who has been gone since 2006,


and of grandparents long gone.  Those are wishes that would make my Mother's Day complete and perfect.

Some of the family
However, the voices I will hear - of sons, daughters-in-law and and grandsons, of my own mother, Zelda,

and of my husband, Dan, whose has recently survived a heart attack - these will make me remember all that is precious and worthy of celebration.  I am thankful for the blessings I have.

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

thank you so much for stopping by my piece of blogworld! lovely to find you via mama kats's it's interesting how our life challenges make us see the precious isnt it! it looks like a fab mothers day for sure xxxx

Kasey said...

I'm sure your heart aches for those you lost on Mother's Day, especially on Mother's Day. Mine aches for Mom too. But, spending time and focusing on those that are here eases that pain. Having your husband survive a heart attack serves as a valuable reminder that everyday is a gift!

Dominique Goh said...

It isn't easy missing people during mother's day. I'm sure they know that you are thinking of them.

Madge Bloom said...

Mother's Day just doesn't mean much to me now that my mom, step-mom and mother-in-law are all gone... even though I have children, it's just not the same.

NixBlog said...

This was a beautiful post, Linda, but there was so much poignancy in it and sadness. I hope that you have the strength and resignation to deal with all of these things that you cannot change. Take heart in all of the people that surround you and love you and depend on you. Your three sons should be a great comfort to you, even though Eric's loss is not something that can be got over. I hoep Dan is doing better.

Annmarie Pipa said...

what a beautiful family! I am sorry about your son, I know you miss him. and I am happy to hear your husband is doing better!

Mama Kat said...

Oh my gosh can I just hug you!?! Hearing those voices again of our loved ones would be such a treasure...someday. I love how you keep things in perspective by being so thankful for the rest of your family!

Stacey S. said...

I'm just now reading this and it makes me both sad and happy. Sad for the same people gone. Happy for the people still with us. Happy to have been lucky enough to meet (& get to know) Eric, Roger, and Papaw before they died. Happy to consider myself extremely lucky to have married your youngest son, giving me a wonderful mother-in-law like you. Love you!

Rita said...

What a post for me to end on today. You have me in tears just as I am needing to get ready to go spend this Mothers day with my own Mother. MInus so many of the men in her life.

Mom is a very active 87 and luckily she has not yet lost any of her thirteen children. Given that I am terminal I fear that she may out live me.

Rita said...

Linda, I'm sorry, I was so taken back by the sadness of your loss and my own situation I forgot to wish you a blessed Mothers day this year. I also am so sorry you had to suffer the lost of your son. Difficult at anytime but so much so on a day like this.